Brian Donahue

Brian Moose with client & his own collageBrian Donaghy is a Registered Maine Guide, expert moose caller, and owner of Epic Adventures in Maine, where he specializes in trophy Maine moose hunts. He has guided hunters and fishermen in Maine and Alaska, but his true passion lies in calling giant bull moose during the rut. During the moose rut, no matter if Brian is guiding a moose hunter, a photo safari for moose, or out calling moose to photograph and study, you will find him spending time in the Big Woods of Maine from dawn until dusk in search of giant bull moose. In this seminar you will learn many of Brian’s techniques and tricks that have allowed his clients to take trophy bulls year after year, no matter what the conditions are. Maine host’s a great population of moose with tremendous trophy quality, but to be successful year after year, you need to know the habits of trophy moose, and how to call those moose.