Mike DelVisco

With over 30 years of bass fishing experience, Texas Roadhouse pro, Mike DelVisco, a full-time time professional angler and fishing personality has competed on the Bassmaster and PAA Tour, and is a 2007 and 2008 Grand Slam and 2009 Bassmaster Series National Championship qualifier. In addition to competing, Mike conducts seminars around the country at many popular sport shows and is a former Bassmaster University instructor. Mike writes for a number of online publications and host a number of video tip segments on the web and broadcast outlets.



  1. Cranking up springtime bass – Learn all you need to be productive in using and selecting crankbaits leading into spring. Mike makes the process simple from location to technique to make you a better crankbait angler.
  2. All season soft plastics – Too many plastic baits in your box not getting used? If you’re like many anglers you have an abundance of plastics that just don’t get used. Well, dust them off and get ready to learn Mike’s process for picking the right plastic for the job all year long.
  3. Understanding pattern fishing – The key to catching bass is finding them first and it’s a question many want the answer to. Mike takes you step by step in determining just how to locate and catch bass from spring to fall.
  4. A little finesse – Over the last several years many pros have found the power of finesse tactics, Drop shot, shaky head and other light line techniques are explained to make you a more well round angler.
  5. Ice out bassin – Timely bass fishing tips if you want to catch some bass as soon as the ice is out. Great cure for cabin fever as Mike talks about some of his favorite and obscure baits used early in the season.