Meet Marla Blair!

Marla Blair

The New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo is excited to welcome professional fly fisher, Marla Blair. Marla is a top, freshwater fly fishing instructor and guide. During the expo, she will be conducting discussions about fly fishing in different areas of the world including Chile, Alaska and Mexico.

Marla brings her love of fly fishing to others with guided destination trips where she provides activities that produce great results. She has appeared on “The New Fly Fisher” Fishing Show on PBS, OLN and Discovery Channels. She also writes for FFF/NEC Newsletter,, Woods & Waters USA, IWFF Newsletter. Her book, Positive Fly Fishing, is a guide that teaches how positive thinking can enhance the learning experience and make fly fishing worthwhile. It’s a valuable resource for the fly fishing novice that details the key elements of fly fishing.

At the New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo, Marla will speak about her expert experience and her positive approach to fly fishing, as well as offer autographs and other promotional highlights.