Lorrie Schumacher

Lorrie Schumacher, Master Class Falconer, brings a truly unique opportunity to visitors of the New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo. Her Talons! Birds of Prey Experience has been featured at countless events around the country and offers individuals the chance to see and interact with birds of prey up close and personal. Falconry is considered the oldest of all hunting sports – dating back nearly 4,000 years, so it is only fitting to have Lorrie and her beautiful birds participate in this year’s upcoming show.

Lorrie has years of experience working with birds of prey and has been a Master Class Falconer since 2004. To qualify as a Master Class Falconer, an individual must fly and successfully hunt with both hawks and falcons, and have three other Master Class Falconers sign off for them. Dr. Heinz Meng was one of the three who signed off for Lorrie; Meng has been called “one of the most influential people of the 20th century environmental movements” who was also credited with breeding the American Peregrine Falcon in captivity, saving the species from extinction.

Talons! Birds of Prey Experience is Lorrie’s private venture that she heads along with her daughter, Talon Skye. They share their seven raptors and ravens with the public with the mission of educating and inspiring love and understanding of the roles these birds play in keeping the planet balanced and healthy. By sharing these birds in an innovative and interactive manner, Lorrie and her daughter are able to impress upon the public the wonders of nature. The birds, much like people, are constantly learning new things and adapting to new challenges, and they are a truly a sight to behold.

Talons! Birds of Prey Experience trains birds for movies, commercials, print ads, bird-day parties and even weddings – Lorrie’s hawk will actually be acting as the ring bearer in a wedding in Rye, NY in August 2012! These amazing birds have appeared on-screen in television shows and movies such as History.com’s Life After People, HBO’s Game of Thrones, and The Fields (2011) to name a few.
At the New England Fishing & Outdoor Expo, Talons! Birds of Prey Experience will offer an interactive raptor program that includes a Meet & Greet with ravens, falcons, owls and a hawk, as well as two flying presentations with the hawk each day. Additionally, visitors can have their photos taken holding a Raptor. Don’t miss your chance to experience these impressive birds firsthand.